Would You Like Me To
Quit Smoking Blueprint
…For Free?


If you want to finally and absolutely quit smoking forever, in the most painless way possible, this is the most important thing you’ll ever read.

Here’s why.

I was a heavy smoker for over 20 years. I spent a lot of time and money trying to quit smoking and failed, and kept failing. Finally I made an amazing discovery that enabled me to quit.

Its been over a decade now and there is no turning back, no regrets.

I’m sure you have heard lots of hoopla about quit smoking products and the like.

There is a lot of useless BS out there.

Between you and me… it drives me a little nuts to read publications put out by people who never smoked a day in their life!


Or to go to a meeting that is being run by a fresh university graduate who has no idea what its like to be stuck to a cigarette addiction for over 20 years of your life.

I get a little angry when people tell me I only had a ‘habit’!

Or that I should ‘just quit’

Don’t you think I’ve tried? I wanted to YELL!!

I remember waking in the morning and hacking up balls of thick brown goo, taking my first sip of coffee, and sitting in the quiet still of the morning in a cloud of blue smoke.

I would knock of almost half a deck before I was even ready to get ready to go to work.
Even now as I am writing this I feel that old love.

That was my me time, my quiet time.

People who have never smoked can’t understand the attachment a person can have for their addiction to cigarettes.

Habit my ASS!

Of course I thought I wanted to quit. But to be honest with myself now, I didn’t really WANT to quit.

Another truth was – I was afraid to quit.

Which sounds crazy to anyone who has never smoked – but YOU know what I mean don’t you?


I mean I would have quit long before – if it were easy.

Because I had tried to quit, dozens of times.

– I tried cold turkey (thank goodness I don’t own a gun!)

– I tried the gum – I’d get a nicotine high from chewing too much. I found the gum required almost as much willpower as not reaching for a cig.

– I tried the patch.

Eventually it was the patch, combined with other stuff that FINALLY got me off them.

After smoking for over 20 years.

Putting away over a pack and a half each day (that I’ll admit to)

I finally found the formula so I could QUIT FOR GOOD!

It’s been over 10 years now and I’ve been through many of life’s stresses that I can say with absolute certainty –

The way I quit smoking changed me enough to know I will NEVER smoke again.

Sure I still think about it – at odd times – but you will.

But its more of a curiosity of a memory, not a craving, so it has no hold on you.


Like a wistful fond memory of a past lover
(that was really bad for you).

I know my method is solid because since I quit it hasn’t been all roses.

I have been through family crisis. I have lost both my parents, jobs, and been through a broken marriage.

Not once did I even entertain the thought of smoking.

My mum got cancer – she battled it for as long as she could. I left my job to go home and care for her and my dad (who was partially paralyzed from a stroke)

Even with these pressures I didn’t smoke – didn’t even think about it.

Even through the months of watching them both fade.

No desire to smoke at all!

I knew smoking wouldn’t fix anything – but we both know you can’t talk logic to a cigarette craving.

What saved me was the WAY I quit.

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